Introducing The NEW All-In-One VidaPay Poynt Smart Terminal

One device for activations, airtime top up, credit card processing and POS terminal.

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Credit Card Processing

Huge savings with Poynt's simple
pricing and no hidden fees.

Point Of Sale Terminal

Customer transactions have never been easier
with dual screen for customer data entry.


Fast SIM card activations  over Wi-Fi,
Ethernet, or 3G with end-to-end encryption.

Time Cards

A terminal for employee clock-in/clock-out
is one of the many additional benefits.

Top Up/RTR

Write what the customer would like to
know, not what you want to show.


A small explanation of this great
feature, in clear words.


See The Poynt In Action

Click here to watch a video of the Poynt Smart Terminal in action for yourself. Activation, top up, long distance, and international top-up are made easy using the VidaPay app.

Speak with your Cellucom Group representative today to find out how much money Poynt can make for you.

Call: 1-877-956-2355